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Oliver O'Hanlon introduced Wagyu to Ireland in 2008 with the importation of slighty more than 50 fullblood embryos from Australia. The "Wagyu Ireland" herd in Killcullen has a Map of Wagyu breeders in Irelandbalance between milk from Fukutsuru and marbling qualities from Michifuku and Itohana 2 in the foundation Lake Wagyu embryos.The herd is registered with the Australian Wagyu Association so that pedigrees can be traced back to Japan. Olver is established in the sale of semen, embryos, breeding stock and highly marbled beef in Ireland.

Ohanasaki Breda has proven to be Oliver's leading dam.Fullblood Wagyu bull calf sired by Irish Kobe Fuji from Ohanasaki Breda on Wagyu Ireland She has strong milk production and growth rate from her dam Lake Wagyu Y047 and good marbling. Light birth weight comes for her sire, Irish Kobe Fuji so this is an advantage for crossing on other breeds.

In-calf recip Black Herefords can be shipped to mainland Europe carrying Fullblood calves. Recip cows like the one photographed to the right will be shipped in calf. This high growth in fullblood Wagyu with good marbling is excellent value and one of the most convenient ways to commence raising 100% Wagyu cattle.

In a stock reduction sale in May 2022, best price for a bull for one sired by Trent Bridge F115.Ohansakai Breda owned by Oliver O'Hanlon of Wagyu Ireland Highest priced bull of 8,000€ was paid for Ohanasaki Ringo who had genomic EBVs of Marble Score +2.0 AUS-MEAT and exceptional Marble Fineness +0.37. His sire was Trent Bridge F115 over a daughter from Ohanasaki Breda.

A first calving heifer, Ohanasaki Quannita sold for 7,000€ which is joint highest price for females and she was sired by Trent Bridge F115 from Brenda. She had highest Australian BreedPlan $Indexes amongst the females on offer.Ohanasaki Ringo highest priced Wagyu at Wagyu Ireland production sale in May 2022

Heifers from Trent Bridge F115 have balanced phenotypes and five averaged highest Bid by sire of 5,700€. Macquarie Prelude had six daughters on offer and they averaged 2,130€ per Bid.

The registered offspring at Wagyu Ireland the following year were sired by Arubial Anticipated.

The Wagyu breeds have unique qualities that are attributed to origins from the Fourth Eurochs and they were isolated for almost the first two thousand years after arriving in Japan. This has enabled Wagyu to have retained key differences from other breeds while they are classified to be on the extreme within the Bos taurus pool.

Wagyu Genetics

The following semen is recommended for use in Fullblood Wagyu breeding or F1-F3 production in Ireland:

Capital Country Apex II R5 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Circle8Bulls Q122 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Lisheen N23 Black Semen Lisheen Wagyu
Lisheen P26 Black Semen Lisheen Wagyu
Lisheen Q39 Black Semen Lisheen Wagyu
Mayura Pioneer Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Trent Bridge F115 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
WG Hirashiget 045 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
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