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Lisheen Q39 (AI) (ET)

Photo of Lisheen Q39 Wagyu Fullblood bull semen export for sale

Lisheen Q39 is a Fullblood 100% Wagyu sire bred in Australia with semen that is eligible for export to most countries except to China.

Identifier LSHFQ00039
Sex Male
Tattoo Q00039
Birth date 6 November 2019
Calving year 2019
Registration status

Registered Australia
Pending USA

Sire Itozurudoi TF151 (Imp USA)
Dam KCC Wagyu Kawasaki 9AI) (ET)
Breeder Lisheen Wagyu
Owner Lisheen Wagyu
Australian distributor Lisheen Wagyu
Export distributor Lisheen Wagyu
Export status EU/UK/USA/Canada/CSS/NZ/Australia protocol
Grade Fullblood
Colour Black
Wagyu Content 100%
DNA # MiP #953416
SNP #953416
Genetic Test Status B3 F, CHS F, CL16 F, F11 F, IARS 2% GeneProb
Gene Tests B3 Free, CHS Free, CL16 Free, F11 Free, SCD AA, IGTend 4, Poll HH
Progeny 6 AWA registered
Fullblood Rotation Group (16/16) D

pedigree for Lisheen N23

Lisheen Q39 is a direct son of Foundation sire Itozurudoi TF151. Itozurudoi is one of the first Wagyu sires to combine strong carcass traits with growth rate and milk production. Tajima content is 55% with Yasumidoi and some Kikumidoi; Itozakura 25% and Kedaka + Tottori bring up 20%. Itozuridoi's progeny impressed early on in Australia before carcass genomic EBVs were published and he has 3,304 registered progeny. His eating quality was recognised and Marble score, Marble fineness and EMA EBVs are around average from 300 carcass progeny which is a very high standard when compared with the rapid progress that is coming from each generation.

The dam chosen for Itozurudoi is sired by Michifuku out of Yadnarie Yama Hana. Yadnarie Yama Hana combines Kikuhana bringing Itozakura with Shimane genomes over Haruki 2 with Suzutani.

Such a powerful pedigree behind Lisheen Q39 has produced a fertile medium framed young bull that is well structured with an EBV profile that suit a number of breeding applications. He has been used lightly at Lisheen with both bull and heifer calves on the ground.

Table showing genomic EBVs for Lisheen N23

Genomic EBVs are charted against Wagyu midpoint.

Chart showing genomic EBVs from Lisheen Q39 as a percentage of Wagyu breed average in BREEDPLAN

The DNA analysis confirms that economic carcass traits are in the top quartile for Lisheen Q39 but the balance of growth and milk is around average.

The prefectural composition based on bovine Growth Hormone grouping is presented:

Prefectural group and composition for Lisheen Q39

The prefectural composition in this analysis is determined by the prefecture in which the early Japanese ancestors are born and not where they have been recorded or sold and registered after completing performance testing.

Lisheen Q39 is classified Group D in the Fullblood Wagyu Rotation. Group D is described as "Medium size, strong marbling and medium maternal sire. High Tajima, including Kumanami line with strong marbling EBVs". Lisheen Q39 has moderate Tajima content of 60%, but the Tajima ancestors Michifuku and Yasumidoi are high performers. Progeny from Lisheen Q39 also have a balance of Tottori and Itozakura genomics.

The diversity from quality ancestors in the pedigree with the genomic endorsement from DNA, gives endorsement for value in numerous operations where Wagyu eating quality is valued. Economic returns are predicted off pasture with Wagyu Indicator Grass Finishing of +28% across the high standards in Australia is exceeded slightly to +34% in Grain Finishing. Both are in the top Quartile.

Q39 had semen collected in August 2023 at Total Livestock Genetics (TLG) under the EU/UK/USA/Canada/CSS/NZ/Australia protocol. Semen can also be qualified for other countries (except China) if required. USA registration is pending.

BreedPlan data is refreshed with runs twice a month so the most recent analysis for Lisheen Q39 can be viewed by clicking here.


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