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This website has been a detailed source of information on the Wagyu breed of cattle for Wagyu producers and the inquisitive public since posting in March 2013. The history Wagyu heifer in mist in valley with long shadowsin more than thirty countries is outlined. Wagyu's origins have been traced to the fourth eurochs in north-east Asia between four to five thousand years ago. For 2,000 years they were beasts of burden in Japan but they have only become renowned in comparatively recent time for excellence in cuisine. Fewer than 200 Wagyu bulls and cows were exported to USA in the narrow window between 1993 and 1997. After quarantine, some dispersed to Canada and Australia and a phase of consolidation took place in those countries. Over the last twenty years they have migrated extensively to all continents. The excellence of Wagyu beef is unrivalled in Japan and remains the envy of the world.

The proud history in Japan where each breeder nurtured their animals like family members is shared. The Wagyu breeds are described, and production in Japan, USA and Australia is reviewed. The entrepreneurs who introduced Wagyu genetics from USA and Australia around the globe are described.

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