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Lisheen P26 (AI) (ET)

Photo of Lisheen P26

Lisheen P26 is a Fullblood 100% Wagyu sire bred in Australia with semen that is eligible for export to most countries except to China.

Identifier LSHFP00026
Sex Male
Tattoo P00026
Birth date 1 October 2018
Calving year 2018
Registration status LSHFP00026 Australia
FB71072 USA
Sire Sumo Michifuku F126
Dam Oasis Hikokura H047
Breeder Lisheen Wagyu
Owner Lisheen Wagyu
Australian distributor Lisheen Wagyu
Export distributors Lisheen Wagyu
Export status EU/USA/Canada/CSS/NZ/Australia protocol
Grade Fullblood
Colour Black
Wagyu Content 100%
DNA # MiP 4001552_MU
Genetic Test Status B3 F, CHS F, CL16 F, F11 C, IARS FU
Gene Tests B3 Free, CHS Free, CL16 Free, F11 Carrier, SCD VA, IG Tend 7
Progeny 10 AWA registered
Fullblood Rotation Group (16/16) "D" from Tajima content, but strong growth and milk breeding values

Pedigree for Lisheen P26

Sire of Lisheen P26 is Sumo Michifuku F126. He is growing strongly into a well structured bull.

Sumo Michifuku F126 has 2 252 registered progeny across 78 herds, 137 carcass progeny and 145 registered daughters. He is trait leader for Milk with +6kg and for Marble Fineness with +0.35. His sire is Michifuku, the supreme carcass son of Monjiro who was extremely popular for high quality beef production in Japan. The accuracies of most of his genomic EBVs are above 90% except for one that is above 80% so he has been truely proven.

Michifuku is also on F126's dam's side, three generations back, so there is another stamp of carcass quality but Simon Coates balanced this with growth by using Dai 2 Kinntou - the dam that distinguished him from the early days by bringing in size to the young breed.

Simon also brought in Itohana for growth through F126 too because he is line bred to Dai 7 Itozakura so is entirely Itozakura and Shimane genetics.

Dam of Lisheen P26 is from Sharon Oates' breeding and she is renowned for the female Wagyus that she bred and flushed. Sire of Oasis Hikokura H047 is Terutani 40/1 who unites Dai 2 Kinntou from his dam with Itomichi/Dai 7 Itozakura from his sire. Lake Wagyu B015 is a treasure hidden away as she is sired by Hirashigetayasu and combines Itozurudoi TF151 with a touch of Michifuku from her dam. Oasis Hikokura H047 is a large cow with good milk that would raise a good calf when not flushing.

The prefectural composition based on bovine Growth Hormone grouping is presented:

Prefectural classification for Lisheen P26

The most influential foundation ancestors have been combined to give almost 60% Tajima content. The prefectural composition is determined by the prefecture in which the early Japanese ancestors are born and not where they have been recorded or sold and registered after performance testing. The classification according to bovine Growth Hormone is for Group D because of the moderate Tajima content. The descriptor for Group D is 'medium size, strong marbling and medium maternal sire' and Lisheen P26 exceeds this.

Table showing genomic EBVs, BreedObjects indexes and Wagyu International Indicators for Lisheen P26

Lisheen P26 has 10 progeny that were born last year that have been registered by AWA and 1 has data that has been analysed so as more data is entered into BREEDPLAN, the accuracy of the EBVs will increase.

BreedPlan data is refreshed with runs twice a month so the most recent analysis for Lisheen P26 can be viewed by clicking here.

Genomic EBVs are charted against Wagyu midpoint.

Chart showing EBVs for Lisheen P26 versus midpoint for Wagyu breed

The genomic EBVs from DNA from Lisheen P26 reveal very strong breeding values for traits of economic importance. Until recently it was uncommon to find both strong growth and milk in the same Black animal together with strong carcass traits but Sumo Michifuku F126 is one of the earlier sires that achieved this. His prowess in P26 has been complemented by joining with the dam Oasis Hikokura H047.

The contribution of Tajima Kumanami line sire Shigeshigenami coming from Itoshigenami in combination with treble Michifuku shows in the strong trifecta performance of EMA, MS (IMF%) and Marble fineness. The Itozakura + Shimane + Hiroshima heritage enhances (instead of antagonising) these traits by also displaying growth and milk prowess.

Presently he is within the Top 4% for all of the BREEDPLAN selection indexes and scored +46% in Wagyu International grain indicator and +50% for the grass indicator so both sytems that rate according to traits of economic value place him at the top for all sytems.

Lisheen Wagyu is the distributor for Lisheen P26 semen. Semen that is qualified for Export has been collected at Total Livestock Genetics where it is stored. It conforms with EU/USA/Canada/CSS/NZ/Australia protocol so is eligible for most countries except China.

Lisheen P26 is registered in the USA and Semen is available from Brushy Creek sires in Texas, USA.

Lisheen P26 is also registered, or in the process of being registered, in several EU Countries.


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