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13 farmers attended the first Austrian breeders meeting that was held by interested producers in August 2012. Speakers were Andreas and Benediktor Scheiring and Peter Beiler.

Meeting of Wagyu producers at Wagyu Verband Österreich conferenceA number of meetings were held with members and stakeholders in the industry and association statutes were released in January 2013.

The Wagyu Verband Österreich represent the interests of Wagyu breeders in Austria. Anton Leitner, known as Toni, is Chair and has been involved with beef since childhood and is a passionate organic farmer. Deputy Chair is Florian Irxenmayr from South Austria and Patrick Fehringer is Treasurer.

Ex-professional cyclist Gerhard Zadrobileks is a renowned Wagyu breeder with “Kobe Beef Austria” in Laab im Walde near Vienna. He had a few Scottish Highland cattle but was given a breeding bull for his 30th birthday. However after tasting Wagyu for the first time in 2006 he wanted to breed them. He bought embryos and after an arduous journey his herd started to grow. They graze on lush pastures and receive some grain supplements. He has bred up to 18 head now. "Kobe Beef Austria" is served in discerning restaurants. Beef can be ordered online through "Wiesbauer Gourmet" but orders usually go straight to the backlog. Wagyu cow and calf on pasture at WagyuHof in Austria

Wagyu Hof was created from a third-generation agricultural business when a young team comprising Florian Irxenmayr, Patrick Fehringer and Karl Peterseil was formed. They contacted Wagyuverband Austria who gave them valuable advice. After an eventful, very educational year, the first two bulls arrived from America. Wagyu females were imported from Germany and breeding commenced. The first slaughter was in 2013. At the beginning of 2017, the new free-range stable was then occupied by the herd that had grown extensively.

Peter Trixner produced his first Wagyu carcase from “Okami Wagyu” near Klagenfurt, Austria. Peter and his wife Petra own a beautiful ranch on a hillside with the Austrian Alps in the distance. They are raising Wagyu and Wagyu-Charolais crosses for the hotel’s restaurants that he has an interest in. The Lake's hotel located in nearby Portschach am Worthersee was featuring some of Peter's beef last summer.

Wagyu Genetics

The following semen is recommended for use in Fullblood Wagyu breeding or F1-F3 production in Europe:

Circle8Bulls Q122 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Country Capital Apex II R5 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Mayura Pioneer Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Trent Bridge F115 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Wagyu Ireland
WG Hirashiget 045 Black Semen Wagyu Genetics Jerathe


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