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WG Hirashiget 045

Name WG Hirashiget 045 (ET)
Sex Male
Date of birth 6 June, 2016
Grade Fullblood, 100% Wagyu
Colour Black
Horn Horned
Registration Australia WGGFM6189D
  Germany 10.204.576
  USA FB40797
Owner Wagyu Genetics Jerathe
Breeder Reserve Cattle Company
Sire Hirashigetayasu J2351
Dam GAW Sanshiga
Recessive tests B3 F, CHS F, CL16 U, F11 F, IARS F
SCD gene test AA
Tenderness test 6
WI grain finishing score +9% (range -50 to +50%)
WI grass finishing score +22% (range -50 to +50%)
C o Inbreeding 2%

Pedigree for WG Hirashiget 045:

Pedigree for WG Hirashiget 045

Sire is foundation Hirashigetayasu who was imported in the Westholme herd and has Kedaka breeding through his sire Dai 20 Hirashige who was line bred to the sire Kedaka. Tajima blood from Tayasudoi is on his maternal side.

Paternal grand-sire is line bred to Haruki 2 who is Tajima with Kedaka and Hiroshima bloodlines. Suzutani is the foundation cow that is renowned for carcase qualities and she is maternal grand-dam to 373 Shigharu.

Dam of GAW Sanshiga is sired by Sanjirou. Kitaguni Jr and Fukutsuru J068 are on the maternal side of GAW Sanshiga and there is a trace of Dai 7 Itozakura.

Tajima content of 58% predominates, but Kedaka bloodlines combine to 22% while Okayama, then Itozakura, Hiroshima and finally Shimane make up the remainder. WG Hirashiget 045 is classified to be a Group C sire. His predicted EBVs are higher for growth than for carcass traits. Sires with maternal traits from Itozakura lines are in Group A so this sire has a valuable role in Group C.

Wagyu International has developed a score for production after reviewing carcass data from grain and pasture finishing. A weighting is given for those traits of economic importance for Grain and Grass scores, and a Maternal and Carcass score. The range for each score, taken against industry average, is from -50% to +50%.

WG Hirashiget 045's genomic EBV ranking against the industry by Wagyu International is illustrated below:

Chart of genomic EBVs and Wagyu International scores for Wagyu Fullblood sire WG Hirashiget 045

The strong maternal traits combine to give WG Hirashiget 045 the very high Wagyu International Maternal Indicator of +35%. High EBVs for growth and milk place him strongly for Grass finishing production with the Grass score of +22%.

Caution should be used in heifers as birth weight EBV of +3.5kg is Top 92%. His birth weight was 39kg.

The Australian Wagyu BreedObject values are tabled:

AWA Selection $Index name $Index value Percentile
Wagyu Breeder Index $201 Top 26%
Self Replacing Index $178 Top 39%
Fullblood Terminal Index $131 Top 53%
F1 Terminal Index $104 Top 65%


To date he has 10 AWA registered daughters and will undoubedtly prove to be a valuable breeder of very productive females.

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